Web Development With Elixir

About a month ago @jamiemhodge talked me into giving a talk about web developement with Elixir for the Copenhagen Ruby Brigade.

So this post contains the recorded talk and links to the code used in the talk.

The source from the talk can be found here:


Language Options Result
Ruby 2.1.1 MRI none 788 req/s
Ruby 2.1.1 MRI puma 10700 req/s
Ruby 2.1.1 MRI puma -q -t 10 -w 4 22356 req/s
Elixir 0.13.2 Weber 23126 req/s
Elixir 0.13.2 Dynamo 31295 req/s
Go   53071 req/s

The talk produced some additional talk on twitter afterwards. @gudmundur made a hello world example in Go.

All tests were performed using

wrk -t 10 -c 400 <url>

Resources for learning more

Thank you to the Copenhagen Ruby Brigade for being an awesome audience.